Photograph by Abby Rausch

Photograph by Abby Rausch

Mary Kate Teske

You probably landed here because you like my car, which is cool and all, It just isn’t the full story. Here’s the briefest of brief synopsis about me.

Two days of the week, I’m a Barista at Ebon Coffee Collective, but, when I’m not being a wily rascal, I take photographs and dabble in graphic design/illustration. I live in Billings, Montana, and am the proud mama of a Bombay cat named Thumbs, Thumbelina Rose, Lil Nug, Baby cat, Twitchy Butt, or Toes. I play it cool, when in reality my tiny body is full to the brim with anxiety and energy. I’ve picked up some random hobbies as time has progressed because of this like crocheting, carpentry, painting, cooking, guitar and bass playing, etc, etc, etc.

Publications: The Billings Gazette, Glasgow Courier, Terry Tribune, Last Best News, Folk Magazine, and Yellowstone Public Radio.

Solo Exhibitions
Evelyn Cameron Heritage Center, Terry, Montana

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